Mees is fashionable,
fun and conscious

So, what is it about MEES?

We might be a children’s clothing brand, but there’s more than meets the eye at the heart of Mees.

Picture a rendezvous between the best things in life. A magical rainbow. An incredible adventure. A warm day at the beach. An everlasting friendship. That’s Mees.

With a crush for colour and a passion for life, we bring good vibes to everything we do. Every Mees’ collection is simultaneously a celebration of life’s simplicity and eccentricity.

Using the best materials and without ever overlooking style, we are keen on creating comfortable, yet fashionable collections. Adding a pop of colour here, a unique detail there, we give each garment a character of its own. The result? A happy harmony of casual-sporty silhouettes sprinkled with a lot of fun.

Why is Mees so cool, you ask?


Spreading style and fun in a sustainable way. This is why we’re committed to carefully select all materials to make long lasting garments.


Creating fun clothes with a conscious mind. We care about being kind to the world and empowering the people in it, by promoting and complying with international labors standards.

Fair Trade

MEES is all about Fair Trade. We strive to make a positive difference for the people involved in the making of our clothes.


Each season we bring together a range of pieces for all the cool kids, that are fashionably CUTE, Casually SPORTY
Girls and Boys from 4 to 12 years will love our range of colourful designs and fun prints.
Our collections include playful and printed tees, comfy shorts, beautiful skirts and sweatpants.

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